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Starcraft 3 The Future of RTS Gaming

Starcraft 3 is the state-of-the-art PC game that gives the players complete freedom of action, like no other RTS has starcraft 3 succeeded before. At least that's what the developers are promising. And with the new implementation of voice command and mission generator, we have no reason not to believe them. Keep reading for the complete StarCraft 3 story. What do you think Starcraft 3 might look like? Possible features:

  1. completely non-linear story with dozens of optional quests;
  2. a new race secretly created by Xel'Naga, now on its maturity;
  3. voice command for fast and smooth control over your base;
  4. a state-of-the-art campaign, constantly switching between missions played at first-person (FPS) and other strategic tasks (RTS).

Starcraft 3

Like its predecessor, Starcraft 3, will likely be released as a trilogy, each campaign more compelling and rewarding then the one before it. The first installment of Starcraft 3, namely Harbinger of Death will revolve around Sarah, Jim Raynor's daughter with Kerrigan.

She's now on her early twenties, a compassionate, exemplary leader, but nurturing strong feelings of revenge for the deaths of her parents, which both sacrificed their lives to stop the Zergs from overrunning the galaxy in Starcraft 2.

Two hundred years after the Great Fall, the ravenous Zerg almost buried the human race, one planet at a time. There were survivors here and there... Less than 100,000 souls embarked in a dangerous quest to find the Xel'Naga homeworld, their only hope. In the first expansion set of Starcraft 3, Sarah will lead a ragtag fleet of survivors to either their salvation or their extinction.

Fortunately, the Xel'Naga homeworld conceals an artifact that can put an end to all the chaos and pain. At least that's what the legend says. But the Terrans, the Protoss and the new race will have to work together if they are to survive, because the Zerg grew more powerful than ever. Just like before, Blizzard will managed to make Starcraft 3 feel instantly familiar, while still keeping the entire game atmosphere fresh and new. While waiting for Starcraft 3, why don't you play Starcraft 3, the flash game?

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