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StarCraft 2 Activation Code

Great news! According to the website, the official Chinese StarCraft 2 Site, this week a large number of activities are scheduled. Those who participate in these activities will have access to test the Starcraft 2 activation key. Therefore, if you are Chinese and want to be among the firsts to get your hands on StarCraft 2, you had better check this out.

Apparently, users must review some facts about StarCraft 2, but only a handful of participants will receive the official Starcraft 2 activation key by e-mail, directly from Blizzard. Check out their announcement page: there's more than 40,000 comments posted already. Bellow are some frequently asked questions about the StarCraft 2 activation code.

Are there unique codes for shipped units vs digital downloads?
Yes, both game clients posses unique game activation methods:

  1. When he purchases the digital game client, the player will NOT receive a game activation key. Instead, the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty activation code will be added to his account automatically.

  2. If a player gets the shipped version of the game client, he will need to manually add the game activation key included in the boxed set to his or her account. By adding the game activation key, the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty™ game license will be added to the account.

starcraft 2 activation key

What exactly is region specific for activation?
Both game clients (downloaded or shipped) will only connect to the region for which they were made. Therefore, in order for you to log in to and begin playing, both the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty™ game license and the installed game client MUST be for the same region. If the game license and the game client don't match, you will not be unable to login.

Will I be able to use my shipped Starcraft 2 activation key on the digital installer?
Once the StarCraft 2 activation key is added to your account and your game license is active, the option to download the client online will become available to you. Again, please keep in mind that, if you downloaded the game client early via the digital download option, make sure that the region of the boxed set you're buying matches the region of the game license that you downloaded, or you will not be able to login.

Are there any differences between a shipped game and a digital download?
Well, you obviously don't get the box, DVD or manual with the download. However, there are no differences in what each version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty™ provides whatsoever. All the files are exactly the same.

StarCraft 2 Activation Key

The Starcraft 2 activation code and the game client are region specific. As mentioned above, if your game license and installed game client regions don't match, you won't be able to login to

Designed to be the ultimate competitive strategy game, StarCraft 2 will feature the return of the re-imagined Protoss, Terran and Zerg - with Blizzard's signature approach to game balance four years after the events of the Brood War campaign. StarCraft 2 was released simultaneously on PC and Mac, following Blizzard's tradition to launch games only when they meet the highest quality standards possible. Well, sorta, since they forgot to activate antialiasing in StarCraft 2.

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That's all we can tell you about the Starcraft 2 activation key for now.

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