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Welcome to the World of Xeno!

Xeno fits perfectly the free internet games category for the simple fact that it has something for every type of player. Love fighting? Build massive armies and crush your enemy! Love building? Establish the base of a large empire and become an economic king! There are tons of free internet games out there to enjoy on your coffee breaks, in spare time, or even when you're supposed to be working or doing homework and Xeno is one of them.

To play Xeno, you need construct your main city, upgrade your resources fields to obtain more resources, and raise various buildings to increase your military presence. When you possess certain strength, you can explore the surroundings and fight with other players. The game features economical, military and scientific development. It's up to you to take the right choice that will lead you to victory and will ensure you a place in history.

Player can build defensive structures to protect their base, shipyards to produce might starships, and (as mentioned above) research labs to research new technologies. Join alliances to achieve real time interactivity of multiple players and satisfying rewards for fighting against the ancient Asgard.

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Asgard Heroes - Stargate Game

You start on a wasteland of a devastated planet. Your goal is to rebuild the ancient city, make stable economy, construct an army of gigantic proportions, expand your territory, fight your enemies and finally escape from the dying planet. In the browser game Asgard Heroes you will find a really well polished online strategy game that takes place in a parallel world of ancient Egypt. Anyone can play online for free and the game doesn't even download data. It is sufficient that you register for the strategy game Asgard Heroes, then you are set to go.

Asgard Heroes game can be played for years, every day! Everyone can play online for free and create a mighty empire. Join the heroes fighting to control the fate of the universe!