The Best Browser-based Games Nowadays

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Welcome to a World of Endless Possibilities!

If you reached this page on purpose, you have to agree with us that browser based games are just too much fun! We like to play them at work; we like to play them at home or from our school. Creating alliances and big bad armies, conquering the nearby colonies, being the supreme commander, it just keeps us wanting more, and more...

While many gamers only have negative things to say about browser based games, we only see the positive aspects, such as the fact that they're slow paced, have low system requirements and require no downloads. All you really need to play them is your Internet browser! Browser games certainly have come a long way in a short time, and the platforms keep improving all the time, but are still very different from the persistent worlds that can be created for PC games.

Browser based games appeal on a large variety of people, mostly gamers like you and us who like to role-play. Their success may also depend on how eye-catching the graphics look in the games.

Xeno Online

Xeno is an online game which took browser based games to a whole new level. Xeno has beautiful graphics and the game play is both challenging and demanding. Create the most powerful alliance in the galaxy, get your share of loot from the weaklings and then fight against the ancient Asgardians, the mighty alien Gods. Discover the secret of their mysterious ancient civilization and own every player in the galaxy. It's really not that hard once you've made your first step...

With Xeno - the best free browser game that the aliens know of, or so it's said you will get the chance to travel through the universe on your own private mission to colonize strange new worlds. Be a savior for your people or a destroyer of worlds, the choice is yours. You can start playing immediately.

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Asgard, the Stargate Game

If you're a fan of quick engaging action then Asgard Heroes, the free online browser MMORPG, is for you. Just imagine: restoring an ancient civilization, traveling trough Stargates to other planets and meeting new colonists like you! Life in Asgard could be a lot of fun; unfortunately, the danger waits for you in every dark corner of the galaxy. If you didn't make friends with powerful alliances you will quickly find yourself at the mercy of the raiders.

However, there's a way around it and that's what you may call a... Shifter. Shifters are basically dimensional gateways capable of hiding some of your resources from robbers. Keep your storage buildings in balance with Shifters and you will be fine and still be able to enjoy a well crafted browser based game. Curious? Find out more!