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100$ Per Month, no CPM, no Rotators!

Evolution Vault is a developer of browser-based games therefore, if you are also a developer or publisher,
you will get great returns on your investment because you are targeting an audience of browser gamers.
We will work together with you to make sure your campaign reaches its intended purpose.

Browser gamers visit Asgard Heroes and Xeno every day to play their favorite games. For a flat 100$
per month
(150$ for the Wallpaper Banner) we will send some of them to your Website. Remember,
these are people interested mainly in games (browser-based, online or poker) and are most likely to
follow up. Each Website gets an average of 600 visitors per day, most of the traffic comming
from US alone.
Four banner types are available for purchasing:

  1. The Horizontal banner [1]
    - Located at the top of the front page, 728×90 px

  2. The Right Square banner [2]
    - Located on the right side of the page, 300×250

  3. The Left Square banner [3]
    - Located on the bottom left side; 300×250

  4. The Background Wallpaper [4]
    - Located in the background; clickable image.
    Size: 1620×920 px (See template...)

Cheap traffic for your needs! You will also have a permanent link (no rotators) to your
Website for as long as you do business with us. Yes, we accept payments via PayPal® .

For more information please contact:

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