Ever dreamed at being an air traffic controller? Now you can! Test your management skills at the Airport Madness game! Click on the airplanes to bring up their menus. Select "Taxi to Runayway" to make the airplane leave the airport terminal towards a runaway. You can then line it up or clear it for take off the airport. This is the greatest airport traffic simulator!

Airport Madness Game

New arrivals will land by themselves, but don't hesitate to pull them up ("Go Around!") if you feel that there isn't going to be quite enough space between airplanes. Your job is to keep the aircrafts from colliding with each other on the airport runaways. If you're thinking on becoming an air traffic controller, you will love the Airport Madness game no doubt!

TIPS: Make an airplane take off in Airport Madness game only after the airplane preceding it
has passed at least 3/4 of the runaway.

"Line Up on Runaway" an aircraft to allow the next one to taxi to the departure runaway.

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PLAY: Play Airport Madness 4 Game Full Version Online No Download