Sonic Shorts are basically cool animations about Sonic and other characters from Sonic games. There are fifth volumes to this date and we're looking forward for the sixth. The Sonic Shorts are a flash collaboration between more than 50 artists.

Five Sonic Short Volumes

All Sonic Shorts are funny as hell and they really kick a$$! One of the best collaborated flash collection we've seen. Here are some hints for ya: Sonic Shorts volume 1 was a collaboration between 50 artists and was a lot of fun to make. OMG! ITS LOADING! LoL! In Sonic Shorts volume 2, if you click on Sonic when the bird lands on his head you will get a secret clip; prepare to be scared though! Sonic Shorts volume 3 had 18 animators working on it and... come play with me! LMAO! In Sonic Shorts volume 4 Sonic loses his virginity. Finally, volume 5 is about the Wonder Man and Sonic destroying the city. There's a hidden clip too: on 13th scene, when it changes to another video, click the screen.

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The Sonic Shorts belong to various artists but are usually put together by one guy from NewGrounds .

TIP: We recommend you watch Sonic Shorts in Full Screen (the volumes open in new windows).

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