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is a free online browser space MMORPG, in which you have the opportunity to play a massive adventure online by rebuilding abandoned colonies and conquering various alien worlds. Do you have what it takes to manage the colonies of the future? Check out the browser based games at their very best by playing Draco, the free online Browser MMORPG game! One of the best MMORPG browser games on the web nowadays, the Avatar browser game is also a ds browser game and it's a part of fantasy browser games genre. A fantasy browser game is a browser based game with elements of fantasy tide together inside an imaginary world. Draco is a browser MMORPG which takes only 5 minutes to learn and can become extremely addictive in literally no time.

Draco : dragon game

It will rock your world! (

True winged nightmares. You've got to play! (

The game delivers on all counts. It has beautiful graphics, gritty races, unique units, technologies and a great combat system. (

Draconians look so cool with their sharp weapons and hardened armors, standing ready to defend the Hive with their lives. The Avatars are really fanatic and sadistic in nature. I loved every second of it. (

Official Website: Draco - Free Online Browser MMORPG games

One Of the Best Free Online Browser MMORPG Games of 2010

Dec 15, 2010 by Browser Games

Draco 5.0 of 5! is taking the strategy browser games to a hole new level. It is fast, furious and only for people ho can handle so much action.
If you are passioned by the RTS games, then you have to try this game at work, at scool and at home. With his very cool graphic and acessible interface it make Draco the perfect game for you spare time.
The community is extremly friendly and you can always get help and new features from developers.

Cool Information About Web Free Browser Games Online! Got Your ATTENTION?! Join Now the Fun. Play the BEST strategy games. See Asgard MMORTS, the Dragons World.

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Best Free Online Browser MMORPG

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Q: What are Free Browser Games?

A: Online browser games are computer video games which are played directly on your web browser; they don't require any client-side software. A good example of Online Browser Games is Asgard Heroes - Free War Games: The Stargate Game from Asgard

Xeno - Free Online Space Browser Based Strategy Game

Xeno is a persistent simple Strategy Browser Game online with a persistant world (MMORTS), for casual players. It takes only 10 minutes to learn and is extremely addictive. Have fun; play discretely from work or school and make cool friends online. Have fun!

Official Website: Xeno Tactics - Free Online Browser Games


Negative 400 years ago, the stupidest humans were kind of lost in space because their computers broke and couldn't find their way back home by themselves. Yes, they were that stupid! So the people of the twelve colonies (maybe they were more, we're not sure) were forced to colonize alien space (Learn more...)

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Xeno Tactics Onlline Browser Games

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More info about the Xeno browser game

Game Features

  • Play Xeno directly in your browser!
  • No downloads necessary.
  • 2 species fight for galactic domination.
  • You start the game with one Starbase.
  • Expand it to its fullest potential...
  • Wage wars, forge alliances, trade, spy.
  • Send your ships to crush your enemies.
  • Epic Battles.
  • FREE forever.

Romanian Version

Joc Browser

Players' Opinion

All in all, very vast upgradabe online space browser game to keep you interested, cool graphics and hidden quirks. (Chris Morris)
I fear that these free browser games are a little too much fun. (Keaft)
I don't even own my own computer and I'm playing this browser game. Lol! (Zion)

Q: How much time will I spend playing it?

A: Xeno, the free browser game it's very easy to play & it doesn't consume much of your (work) play time. One hour per day is more than enough!

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Looking to Play Good Online Strategy Games?

Well, look no further! We have compiled a list with the best online multiplayer games for you. We will make a review for free online browser games, the most played games on the web. We will select the best of the best from browser MMORPG games, browser RPG games (role playing games), online adventure games, mafia browser games, online racing games, scrabble online and other similar Internet games. We will find for you those multiplayer games that you can play online, and which can provide you with the fun you need on a daily basis.

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Starcraft 3 Best RTS of all times!
Rage Of War: Free Online Space Strategy Games | RTS Game

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League of Legends Wiki Review

Online Browser Games

We paid special attention to the web games which require NO download. It's hard to find good MMORPG games which don't require any download at all and are indeed multiplayer online games. Usually, the so-called online MMORPG games are just online rpgs browser games which miss the multiplayer games component big time. Basically, what we did was: we searched the web for great online MMOG games and made a free MMO list for you to try out.

Also, we needed to make sure which free online multiplayer games are really FREE, because a lot of developers promote their games as free to play top games, but in reality they force you to subscribe to different 'memberships'.

So Let's Start Playing Online Multiplayer Games!


is a 2D browser MMORPG in which you control submarines and all civilization is living under sea. Why is Deepolis different from other MMO games? This adventure game online stretches beyond the usual gaming experience other browser strategy games provide. Players begin their quests as submarine commanders and must travel into dangerous zones under the sea to battle fearless enemies. The beautiful environments this online game offers create an addictive underwater adventure that gamers will find both challenging and entertaining. While there are plenty of quests to go around, Deepolis is a browser based MMO with a strong emphasis on player interaction (PvP). BigPoint borrowed heavily from previously launched titles when designing Deepolis; however, the free online browser game does have lots of unique features, including the ability to dive underwater on the Z axis. Deepolis dared to challenge regular massive multiplayer online games and succeeded flawlessly. The game outlined clearly the direction in which nowadays browser games are heading: the 3D flash multiplayer adventure games. There are only a handful underwater browser strategy games and Deepolis is their king.


is a 2D browser based strategy MMO made by Inno Games. The strategy game takes place in Ancient Greece and is very similar to Xeno. Also a free MMORPG no download, Grepolis allows browser gamers to build an ancient city, to command armies on land, on water, and even tame mythological creatures. A strategy online MMO game that comes from a German browser webgame developer, Grepolis has been heavily modified and its overall improvements are based on the Western browser game culture. Still, it remains true to its Greek heritage, aka mythology. Grepolis is a free browser game, however, like with all great German browser games, you need to upgrade to Premium in order to become a stronger player. The goal of this browser based MMO is to live out the dream of the average Greek, which is to become a famous hero. Win the favor of the Gods with Grepolis, a God game among Greek strategy browser games.

Gangland Mafia

is a mafia RPG game in which you can become the most feared mobster in the world. Like in other text RPG browser games, you will have to plan with your family the online strategy which will inspire fear to your enemies. Gangland Mafia offers the player the chance to enter a world surrounded by crime, murders and dirty money. Role playing games are incredibly popular these days; they are the 'New Age' games which allow people to play different roles and personas in a game. Browser strategy games have taken the world of virtual games by storm. A few years back, browser based games were thought of as something that only children would play. But browser RPGs have brought adults to the world of virtual games and Gangland Mafia is a testimony of that. Free MMORPG no download: let the crimes begin!

Neverland Online

is a 2D flash browser-based MMORPG. No download and no installation required. You will join a large - and persistent - magical world and you will wander through wonderful Chinese landscapes. A feature rich browser MMO, complete with a capable crafting system and multiple skill paths. NO stands out as a full fledged fantasy MMORPG on an Internet browser. One of the most immersive browser MMORPGs currently available on the web, NO is an easy game to get into. From the perspective of a browser RPG, NO can be regarded as one of the best browser MMORPG out there, and not just a scaled-down version of another browser RPG or browser MMORPG. Even the simplest of quests reward you with insane amounts of experience and the creatures you hunt can easily become your pets. We highly encourage you to try out this amazing browser based MMO.

Empire Craft

review, is a 2D browser based strategy game very similar with this Stargate Game and with Evony. Although Empire Craft is an online strategy game, it has a perfectly balanced system which really stands out. Tasks in this browser MMO game can be sorted out as newbie tasks, development tasks and union tasks. The development tasks reward you with keys to chest that otherwise can be bought with real money. Union tasks are carried out by alliances in the game, which allows them to show off their wealth. So, is Empire Craft another Evony? Is it a strategy online game like War of Legends, Lords Online and others before it? Definitely not. Check it out!

Ninja Saga

is a casual Web RPG which focuses heavily on PvP (Player versus Player) battles. A free-to-play action role-playing game (RPG) that can be played on Facebook, Ninja Saga invites you to take on the role of a young ninja in a village and hone your skills by going through a series of challenges. Because there is also a multiplayer component to this game, we added Ninja Saga to our list of free browser games. The goal in this browser MMO is to become the strongest ninja (Kage) in the Saga world. For free mmos, play Ninja Saga!

Kingory Online

is a strategic browser game, in which you need to build a powerful city. The game itself can be very familiar to those who have played other recent Chinese browser games. Evony is a typical success case when we speak about Chinese browser games, and also stimulates those who want to bring these types of strategy browser games to the West and into Europe. Both Evony and Empire Craft browser based games are copies of Kingory, which is, in fact, the number one browser MMO in China and unbeatable in its genre. Unfortunately, it was launched too late worldwide and one can dismiss it simply for being too similar to other empire building browser games out there. For free browser games with an Asian taste, try Kingory Online!


is an online space strategy game with 3 races (humans, robots and aliens) and worth checking out game play. If you want to play a multiplayer browser game, we highly recommend you to try this one out, a space browser game like no other, and well-built overall. It has the traditional strategy browser game concepts of resource management, building construction, and raising an army, which makes it very accessible. You are encouraged to make a difference in the galaxy, after thousands of years of conflict have passed. Often recommended as one of the top space browser games on the Internet. Check out the latest Starcraft 2 rumors and cheats!

Dragon Oath

is a popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in Asia, a 3D MMORPG which pays little attention to background story. Your character will use Kung Fu techniques to fight off enemies. Released in 2008 China, this browser based MMO has more than 30 million subscribers and 1 million active players. Its story revolves around eight races mentioned in the Buddhist mythology, but like in most free browser games, the story plays a small role in the actual game play. We have played many free MMORPGs but Dragon Oath manages to stand out from the overcrowded free MMOs market. Diablo 3 release in 2011?

Run! Escape!

- We are 90% sure that everyone has heard of this browser spiel, how the Germans say. Notorious for its bad graphics (although for a Java MMORPG game are kind of cool) and a lot of grinding. And by a lot we mean a lot. If we could describe this browser RPG game in one word, we would probably choose 'grinding'. Regardless, Runescape offers the casual gamer plenty of hours of fun and if you're not careful - like we weren't - this browser MMOG can (and will) become very addictive.

The browser MMORPG is set in a fantasy world filled with dragons, demons and other sinister powers. As in all adventure RPG browser games, players are free to find their role within it: to live by the sword and die with honor, to further the storyline with the multitude of quests, or to train in any of a number of skills. If you're into browser RPG games, we recommend you try Runescape, a massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG) which will not disappoint. Ah, one last thing! Runescape holds two Guinness World Records: first, as the 'Largest Free MMORPG in The World' (over 6 million active players, including over 1 million paying subscribers) and second, 'The World's Most Popular Free MMORPG'. For honor!


- Imagine owning your own sunny island in the Mediterranean! How does that feel? We bet it feels good, doesn't it? That's also what the creators of this online browser multiplayer game thought. Ikariam has redefined the term 'massive multiplayer browser games' by offering players exactly what they want: cooperative play. The browser MMORPG game achieved this by two means: 1. Providing comprehensive alliance options and 2. Forcing the players to trade or raid through the islands' raw materials arrangements. In this browser based game, players start with a single village, or Polis, and must expand their territory as they increase in size and wealth.

Alliances are highly recommend it in this game, in fact are encouraged. Although this is no mafia browser game, without joining an alliance, making commercial agreements or having strong defenses, you are doomed. The assistance of friends is invaluable. Ikariam shines not only with its cartoonish graphics and unique theme, but also with a intriguing mix of trade, warfare and diplomacy. Are you ready to go to the beach?

AdventureQuest Worlds

is another entry on our browser games no download list, also known as AQ Worlds. A 2D fantasy flash MMORPG game with plenty of adventures for you to undertake and also a battlefield browser game. AQ Wolds comes from the same creators of the famous role playing games DragonFable and MechQuest. Cartoony MMORPG browser games are very popular among younger players and the developer was counting on that, adding an even stronger emphasis on player interaction. If you were looking for good online browser games, AQ World is a must play. It's huge, it's free and unlike in Ikariam browser game, you can battle monster in real-time with your friends.

Quake Live

is a first-person shooter from id Software, the developer behind the original Quake. As concept, Quake Live is fairly simple to describe: Quake III Arena, for free, in a web browser. As a phenomenon, it goes much deeper, offering a unique blend of gaming, social interaction, and bloody entertainment in the world of browser based web games. We said it's Quake III Arena, yes, but this MMORPG game comes with the nine years of careful polishing and listening to the community of players.

Despite a lot of balancing and the browser shooter game's accessibility, Quake Live is still a very unforgiving game. The fast-paced action of this best browser game 2009 leaves very little time to stop and think, and a rule of successful play is to never stop moving. Still, Quake Lives remains one of the top online browser games for thousands of gamers worldwide and this is why, we choose it in our browser MMO games list. Watch your back!

Fallen Empire: Legions

- Mafia browser games? Nope! Just your regular browser based sci-fi FPS game. Freedom of movement returns in this spiritual successor to Tribes! Travel with jetpacks and ski over foreign landscapes, dodging grenades and shooting enemies in this beautiful free browser game. Get better or get dead; this military browser game gives you no time to hold your breath. Sharpen your senses and play the browser base game with up to 32 players simultaneously. The world's first serious online shooter is no gladiator browser game, nevertheless you'll love it! Play browser games from the perspective of a marine; no download necessary of course.

Evony Free BS

may be a bit controversial, but it's one of the most wanted browser games in the world, because of its inappropriate advertisements across the net and hence its aggressive marketing. It's just too popular to ignore, so Evony Free BS has made it on our browser games list. Although we have to warn you, in this MMORPG browser game there are no sexy ladies that need rescuing, as its advertising campaign improperly promotes.

A popular empire building game that plays a lot like Xeno and has taken the world by storm, leaving the indie browser games in the fog and proving everyone that s3x can sell and that bad critique is a lot better than no critique. And it worked pretty well for them, Evony turning into your average building browser game that your friends would recommend to you. And as in all empire building games, in Evony players have to build up their empire and conquer their enemies. Evony is your traditional fantasy browser game and one of the best browser games 2009. Looking for good MOG browser? Play Evony!


is the most wanted browser game inside the Gaia community, zOMG! is a huge virtual pet world with plenty of interesting characters for you to meet and monsters to kill. This is one of those lords browser game where you are the only one who can save the world from ending by collecting... rings and battling demons, alone or with the help of friends. Mix a rich world of sci-fi adventures with a genuinely good storyline and you get one of the best online browser games ever created. One of a kind in the world of browser MMORPGs, zOMG raises up to its expectations after 3 years of development by the owners of Gaia Online.

The fighting system is unique and surprisingly compelling for a browser multiplayer game. You can equip and use up to eight 'support' rings at a time, which are very helpful in your journeys. The environments are beautiful, in an anime kind of way, and for those who follow the world of Gaia and its original characters, it's a big treat to walk around zOMG and talk to the characters. The browser multiplayer game encourages player interaction and intentionally made boss battles difficult so you cannot win by yourself, but with the help of OTHERS. Besides, many support rings only work on OTHERS and you will gain temporary minor stat boosts just for chatting with other players and being in a crew. There is a lot more we left out for this browser game review, therefore we strongly encourage you to check out zOMG, the last entry in our browser game reviews list.

References: Since browser games run isolated from hardware in a web browser, they can run on many different operating systems
without having to be ported to each platform

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