See Supreme Craft exploration crossplatform crafting game for Phone, Tablet, PC, Mac, Android: Supreme Craft Lite, IOS, OSX, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows Online 3D Game in Browser

So what this Supreme Super Craft about?

Build your own home, castle, mine or whatever you can imagine!
Supreme Craft Little is like a crafting game editor which allows you to create anything in the 3D environment. This is like a free Crafting Creative mode with Fly Mode active

HIGH Res HD CRAFT game running in BROWSER and on Mobile Devices, so NO Download and no Java are Required!
Texture packs: Sci-Fi, Medieval, SteamPunk, Oriental
We developed the Super Craft 3 VR application for google Cardboard, Gear Vr, Htc Vive, Hololens and Occulus Rift.
You can play it and access your creations from any device connected to the internet/wifi.

So just log In and start enjoying the most advanced creative mode building game available for FREE.

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Download Android APP: Supreme Super Craft Lite
Contact us here:

A device and Browser compatible with WebGl. (IOS, MAC OS, Linux, Windows, Chrome & Firefox)

If you the game starts using canvas use the next steps to Enable WebGl in your browser and device:
How To Enable WebGl

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Here you can find the avaible game modes and locations:
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Medieval Place 1.
Medieval Village 1.
Medieval Village 2.
Mix Medieval-SF City
Meca City
Steam Punk
Architect ScifFi Ship 1.
Architect Sci-Fi Place End City.

Initially it started as a Moba Browser Game (like Dota, Lol) and when I started to do the map editor ... I wanted to go in Cube 2 Sauerbraten direction.
The result is basically a HIGH Res CRAFTING adventure map sweet and awesome game running in BROWSER and on Android using WebGl (Powered by ThreeJs), so NO Download and no Java are required, just a bit of magicall Jacascript!
I was planning to drop the project because of the small community involvment for the pc version,
but on 1 January 2016 i decided to release it for Mobile Phones, so i started working to make the mobile version 100% usable and to create an app.

4 January 2016: Released new version: 0.0.5
14 January 2016: Fixed the Game Interface for Mobile usage
21 January the Android version is allmost 100% completed and ready for release
Comming next Android App apk and IOS ipa download links
1 February: Created VR version compatible with Google Cardboard. Look Down to Stop Moving or Start Moving
7 February: Just Launched the Android in AppStore: "Supreme Craft Lite" - PENDING PUBLICATION
Android APK avaibe at: Supreme Craft Lite
7 February: Because google store is taking and eternithy ... if its even possible to get it accepted there: Download Android App Super Supreme Craft Lite from
8 February: Updated the Website Version to 0.0.8
22 February: We created a version of the game to test the Best Minecraft Skins

Enable WebGL in Chrome Android
Enable WebGL on IOS and MAC OS
Enable WebGL

Pls test on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. The game could work better on some browsers.

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is a free online browser space MMORPG, in which you have the opportunity to play a massive adventure online by rebuilding abandoned colonies and conquering various alien worlds. Do you have what it takes to manage the colonies of the future? Check out the browser based games at their very best by playing Draco, the free online Browser MMORPG game! One of the best MMORPG browser games on the web nowadays, the Avatar browser game is also a ds browser game and it's a part of fantasy browser games genre. A fantasy browser game is a browser based game with elements of fantasy tide together inside an imaginary world. Draco is a browser MMORPG which takes only 5 minutes to learn and can become extremely addictive in literally no time.

Draco : dragon game

It will rock your world! (

True winged nightmares. You've got to play! (

The game delivers on all counts. It has beautiful graphics, gritty races, unique units, technologies and a great combat system. (

Draconians look so cool with their sharp weapons and hardened armors, standing ready to defend the Hive with their lives. The Avatars are really fanatic and sadistic in nature. I loved every second of it. (

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One Of the Best Free Online Browser MMORPG Games of 2010

Dec 15, 2010 by Browser Games

Draco 5.0 of 5! is taking the strategy browser games to a hole new level. It is fast, furious and only for people ho can handle so much action.
If you are passioned by the RTS games, then you have to try this game at work, at scool and at home. With his very cool graphic and acessible interface it make Draco the perfect game for you spare time.
The community is extremly friendly and you can always get help and new features from developers.

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Q: What are Free Browser Games?

A: Online browser games are computer video games which are played directly on your web browser; they don't require any client-side software. A good example of Online Browser Games is Asgard Heroes - Free War Games: The Stargate Game from Asgard

Xeno - Free Online Space Browser Based Strategy Game

Xeno is a persistent simple Strategy Browser Game online with a persistant world (MMORTS), for casual players. It takes only 10 minutes to learn and is extremely addictive. Have fun; play discretely from work or school and make cool friends online. Have fun!

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Negative 400 years ago, the stupidest humans were kind of lost in space because their computers broke and couldn't find their way back home by themselves. Yes, they were that stupid! So the people of the twelve colonies (maybe they were more, we're not sure) were forced to colonize alien space (Learn more...)

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Xeno Tactics Onlline Browser Games

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More info about the Xeno browser game

Game Features

  • Play Xeno directly in your browser!
  • No downloads necessary.
  • 2 species fight for galactic domination.
  • You start the game with one Starbase.
  • Expand it to its fullest potential...
  • Wage wars, forge alliances, trade, spy.
  • Send your ships to crush your enemies.
  • Epic Battles.
  • FREE forever.

Romanian Version

Joc Browser

Players' Opinion

All in all, very vast upgradabe online space browser game to keep you interested, cool graphics and hidden quirks. (Chris Morris)
I fear that these free browser games are a little too much fun. (Keaft)
I don't even own my own computer and I'm playing this browser game. Lol! (Zion)

Q: How much time will I spend playing it?

A: Xeno, the free browser game it's very easy to play & it doesn't consume much of your (work) play time. One hour per day is more than enough!

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